Exciting WMR News

Ella, Wealth Management Resources' eleven year old Samoyed mascot, was recently selected as the Dog Of The Month by the pet catalog company; In The Company Of Dogs. The Chelmsford, MA based pet supply company selected the above picture of Ella holding her soft rubber football to be printed in their catalog. Ella loved this toy as a puppy and still loves it today. At eleven years old Ella has retired from more demanding activities such as competition Agility and Obedience.  She has replaced them with less demanding activities like Nosework and greeting all our clients and visitors here at WMR.  All those who have stopped by the office know Ella greets everyone with a big Sammy smile. Ella is one of three Samoyeds owned by Art. The other two are Ella's daughter Chara (8) and grandson Orvis (3).

Ella's photo will be featured in this month's In the Company of Dogs catalogue.  

Ella, MV Best in Show 2019

Ella won Best in Show in Martha's Vineyard Annual Dog Show at the 158th Agricultural Fair.  She also came in 2nd in Obedience.  Way to go Ella!


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